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I. Introduction

Hi everyone! Today Free Education for Everyone is pleased to share with you a very simple lesson about English grammar.  If you are the ones who struggle with grammar , this article is for you.

Prior to that, you need to understand why grammar is important? I know most people think grammar is not necessary when you only learn to speak. Personally, I think it’s quite true , but only at a basic level; grammar does not matter much for beginners. However, when you want go further than a beginner, grammar becomes important. For instance, when you use English at work, especially those working as English experts or working at professional companies, effective communication is very critical, so you need to speak or write as accurately as possible. Secondly, based on my personal experience, learning grammar is very useful for learning languages. It’s very helpful for our speaking, reading and writing skill development. For example, learning sentence structure and tenses enables us to generate sentences correctly both in verbal and written communication. Also, we can understand complicated articles in newspapers or on some websites easily, which is related to our reading skill.

Are you the only one who does not like grammar? Of course, not!  When I was a student, most of my classmates complained that they did not like studying grammar because it’s complicated. Also, many people I know think the same. To me, grammar is one of my favorite lessons. For this reason, to help those struggling with grammar, I’m writing this article.  I’m not grammar expert anyway :D. At least, I can share with you what I know and hopefully it’ll be useful to some of you who are reading this. The first lesson is going to be about ” Present Simple Tense”.

II. Lesson 1: Present Simple Tense ( Part 1)

A. Firstly, I’d like to tell you 4 things I do every day.


Get up
a. I get up at 6 am every day.


girl eating breakfast cereal
b. I normally have breakfast at 8.30 am.
c. I work at 9 am.
d. I usually go to bed at 10 pm.

” Get up” , ” have breakfast” , ” work and go to bed” are activities that we do every day. In other word, we call ” daily routines” .

B. Secondly, when we want to talk about our possessions ( what we have or own) or belonging.

Example: 1. I have two brothers.

2. I own a company.

” Have” and ” own” are used to describe your possessions.

C. Thirdly, remember to say or write so when you describe following things

a. The sun rises in the east. sunrise-hi

b. The sun sets in the west. images

The two statements above describe facts. What other facts do you know?

II. Your homework:

  1. Write about your daily routines based on the picture below. download
  2. Tell me about your possessions or what you have. ( See point B)
  3. Tell me other facts you know. (See point C)

Send your answer to me via message or inbox. I will help correct if possible 😀

And stay tuned to “Present Simple Tense” part 2