Some people grow faster because they are talented, and they are in the right work place. However, some people seem to be less successful though they’re talented because they might be in the wrong place. What do I mean by the right or wrong place here? I actually refer to employers.

To make the above statement easier to understand,  let me give you an example. Two people have the same motorbikes, and they wanna go to the same destination. The first person knows the short cut to the place, but another person does not. Therefore, the second person guesses many roads. The first person who knows the short cut reaches the place with less efforts. However, the second person spends many hours and much energy to reach the place.

Similarly, in our real life, even if we are talented, it is still not enough to guarantee our success at work. Career success does not only rely on how smart we are but also the place or people we choose to work for.

Some people have spent same amount of time working. However, some of them have achieved more and grown faster in their career life than their fellows have. One of reasons I have noticed is their choice of employers. Those who become more successful because they have made the right choice of organizations or companies in addition to their skills. The right place is the place where they not only utilize their existing skills to help the organization grow, but they also learn another skills and develop their capacity at the same time from their job or their company.

For example, a person had only teaching knowledge before working for a school. After working there for a certain amount of time, he has become better at communicating with people and more self-disciplined, and he has learnt how to solve with classroom problems as well. This is the working place that every employee should work for because both parties gain. Of course, salary is important, but if we don’t want to be a desperate job seeker or a slave of money in the future  in the future, we should consider capacity development as well before deciding to work for someone or a company. We need to think both -what we can give to the company,and what you get in return from the company besides financial benefits.

The right employees are great assets to employers. The right employers don’t make employees remain employees, but they make them future leaders or employers.