Well, those who just graduated from high schools are having this dilemma for a few main reasons, one of which is working might affect their studies. Especially for those who are really serious about getting a good grade, this is a really hard decision for them to make while they also need money to support their living or their family. In this article, I would like to give some tips to high school graduates on how to start from zero so that it will not affect their study much. 

Anything has its pros and cons, right? Believe it or not, I myself started working when I was in the 12th grade. I studied from 7 am until 5, and I worked part-time from 5.30 to 7pm because I needed to make money to cover my living expenses and studies. Speaking from personal experiences, the good news is working while studying has a lot of benefits, and you should not be scared of doing so from now on. Here I am going to mention a few significant benefits.

First, for example, once you graduate from a university, you will have already had working experiences, which is helpful for your career advancement. You will seize your chances of getting better-paid job and higher position than those fresh graduates who just start work;while working, you will not only improve your knowledge about the job, but you will also gain essential soft skills which have not been taught at school such as a communication skill, team work, problem solving, people skill etc. As you have seen the job announcements, most employers seek for experienced candidates with these skills because they want to save their cost and time. If you apply for the job, between you and the other candidate who has equivalent or little higher qualification but with no working experience, you are more likely to be selected.

Second, working makes you a wiser and stronger person. You cannot depend on your parents or family forever though they want to. For this reason, you will need to be able to live your life by yourself. Before I was in grade 12, my mom was the only one who supported the family. When I started making money myself, I realized that it’s such a big job because I had to, firstly, cover my daily expenses, rent, studies etc. Back then, I could never imagine that I could support myself and my family like I am doing right now. While working, I also got to know more people, how they are, how to interact and deal with them. I knew about more work places. In short, I can say that I know more about society and the world. Because that’s my first time working, it’s pretty shocking for me, and I almost could not believe that I can come this far. All of these really help me make a better decision and become more independent than I used to be. I have also increased my value.

However, there are also a few negative impacts on you. Sometimes the work might disrupt your studies because work can be stressful, and sometimes you have to miss your classes to join your workplace events or meetings. Also, you have a lot of assignments both from work and university which can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. However, if you are facing this right now or about to face it, do not worry.

How to start from zero and get yourself ready?

  1. Manage your time: Whether you work or study, you need to be able to manage your time well. You need to know your study schedule so that you can choose a job that does not consume much of your study time, which can be a part-time job or a freelance job. By working part time or freelance, you will also have spare time for your assignment and learning other skills such as languages, computer etc.
  2. Do what you can do first: I mean that if you just graduate from high school, you probably have zero knowledge about the job or business you wish to do in the future. Therefore, you can start by doing any job for which you have the skills right now. For example, after you graduate, you would like to run a coffee shop so you can start by being a barista in a coffee shop. This job will not require many skills because you will learn from on the job training or you will go through a quick training before on board.
  3. Accept that this is a new journey for you: Some young people will give up easily because they have never gone through such difficulties such as feeling overloaded, dealing with people issues etc before. Therefore, you need to know and accept this and rather be prepared for it. It sometimes can be a nightmare if you meet a terrible boss, workplace or colleagues. To avoid this, you should conduct a research about the place through your trustworthy networks or others before you take the offer there.
  4. Build your brand: Remember your service is your brand. Always remember to be responsible, committed and mean what you say.
  5. Work to build your own dream not to be a job slave: Remember that you are there to get experiences to build your dream. Do not be lured by money. Your job can make you a living, but your dream will make you a life.

After all, working while studying is really beneficial for your personal growths. Working is also learning. I cannot recommend whether you should start work right after you graduate. I recommend that you start when you are ready after you have read my tips above. No matter what, I strongly recommend that never stop educating and improving yourself even when you are working. Things keep changing so we have to be able to be flexible by having required up to date skills and knowledge.

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