Have you ever found yourself having difficulty expressing your thoughts when talking to someone? If you have, you’re not alone. In this article, you will learn some easy and simple techniques to improve your speaking skills. After trying the following methods, you will become a more confident and concise speaker. Remember, not all the techniques shared will work for everyone. You are welcomed to try all and observe which will work best for you.

To prescribe medicine effectively, a doctor must examine symptoms first to identify your disease. Similarly, I’d like you to study what causes you to have difficulty expressing your thoughts or getting your ideas across to others.

Cause 1 is vocabulary shortage. 9 out of 10 people I have met say they can’t express their opinions because they don’t know English words. Apparently, they cannot describe or say what they want to say when they don’t know the words.

Cause 2 is a lack of speaking practice. Some people prefer expressing their thoughts in writing to speaking because writing allows them more time to think and organize their thoughts. This makes them not used to instant replies or thinking such as speaking. For that reason, they can’t express their opinions concisely as they do in writing because they are used to taking longer to organize their thoughts before expressing them.

Last but not least, cause 3 is that they lack ideas about the topic being discussed. When we don’t know much about the discussion topic, it’s really hard to engage in the conversation, so you might reply with fewer words or less interesting ideas.

These 3 causes above tend to make you lack speaking confidence, thus gradually deteriorating your speaking skill, if you don’t improve them. After learning about the symptoms, let’s get them treated.

Treatment 1 is improving your English vocabulary. How? You can do it in several ways, such as reading one article per day or a book a week and watching videos or movies. You can start by reading what interests you to keep yourself motivated. Then, you can try to read something new that isn’t on your favorite list to enhance your vocabulary as well as knowledge. Besides reading, you can also watch English videos on YouTube or English movies that have subtitles. Watching the videos can also improve your pronunciation. Here is how vocabulary improvement works during reading and watching. When you encounter new words or phrases, you write them down in your notebook to study their meanings and usage. Don’t attempt to figure out their meaning in your first language, or you won’t be able to understand or think in English. Instead, try to understand the meanings in the English language and how to use them, for example, in a sentence, collocations, etc.

Treatment 2 is practicing speaking. It’s said practice makes perfect. Don’t wait till your English is perfect to start speaking out because it becomes perfect until you make mistakes and improve them. Incorporate English speaking into your daily activities by speaking with your colleagues, classmates, or family. If you lack a speaking partner, create one. How? Start writing shortly about a particular topic and then rehearse speaking them in front of the mirror. While rehearsing, try to imitate the correct pronunciations you have learned as much as possible. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis.

Last but not least, treatment 3 is increasing your knowledge by doing similarly mentioned in the first and second treatments because you will always gain something new from whatever you expose yourself to. In addition to the treatments or tips above, you can also build up your knowledge by attending either virtual or in-person events, seminars, workshops. You will learn a lot more from the speakers and easily remember the information, especially when the speakers are your idols or someone you really look up to.

If practicing the tips above correctly, next time, when sharing your ideas, I strongly believe you will surprise your conversation partners by being able to contribute more in the conversations with references and expressing your thoughts more precisely and confidently. That’s all. I hope you find my techniques above helpful. Let me know by commenting below what other techniques you have already done, and they are successful. I’m happy to learn from you too.

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