You might usually see most articles talking about how to be a brilliant boss that every staff dreams of having. However, in this article, you’re about to read the opposite, which might help some employees and some respective managers or business owners to be able to determine whether a boss with the following 9 characters is a type they wish to work for and become. I’d like to thank you in advance for reading a lengthy article :D, but I guarantee it’s worth reading.

He micromanages: Micromanagement isn’t bad, but too much of it and using it with the wrong people is. Almost all my colleagues ranging from the first line to the middle line managers don’t like to be micromanaged. A boss with a micromanagement style will always ask you to report every single thing you do to him and add him to every work group to keep an eye on every move you make. He wants everything in his control to feel secured. This management style makes his subordinates feel demotivated and look incompetent as they aren’t independent, and nor are they trusted by their immediate supervisor.

He is egocentric or lacks emotional intelligence (EQ): This type of person can do or devote anything for the sake of himself only. No one wants to live with a person who doesn’t care about others’ feeling but only his. Likewise, you can’t work with a boss who makes decisions without considering the effects on staff. What he only cares is his benefits. Let alone his staff, he might not even care about his family either.

He takes advantages of your dedication and commitment. Just like how a healthy relationship works, a healthy organization happens when there is a balance between giving and taking. Staff deliver services to the company, and the company pays salary and benefits for their services. A good boss gives more than takes. If the person takes more than gives, he is probably not your dream boss. Just because a staff offers to work overtime to complete an unplanned project or task caused by the company, it doesn’t mean the staff is responsible for the boss’s inability to think thoroughly and plan things properly by having to always devote their personal time for it.

He doesn’t value your privacy and personal time: He keeps messaging or calling you whenever he wants to regardless of it being after-work hours, holidays or weekends. He doesn’t care if you’re having dinner with your family or resting at that hour. All he knows is what he wants must be done at the time he wants.

He takes advantage of your personal time: Just because a staff is supposed to be highly committed and responsible, it doesn’t mean that the boss can always make plans to happen or have meetings during non-working hours, such as holidays, weekends, or after working hours, not for the sake of work necessity but the boss’s sake.

He takes credits: All things must get his approval. He bogs down the projects, making the relevant department heads look incompetent. When problems arise due to many things getting stuck, he intervenes and gets everything resolved. Then, finally, he is a hero while the relevant departments have been useless for the their staff.

He lacks visions: He will always find things to keep you busy due to his inability to to foresee things. There are always urgent tasks or projects which causes you to feel burnt out and overwhelmed. He likes to follow what other companies are doing and tell staff to do whenever he sees it and feels like having it. Working with this kind of manager or boss, you will always find yourself busy but not productive. Gradually, you lose your enthusiasm for work, you hate Monday, and at work, you keep looking at the clock and look forward to 5pm.

He is not a man of his words or unreliable: How can you trust someone who always tells lies or makes false promises? A good boss keeps his promises, means what he says and says what he means.

Last but not the least character is he isn’t respectful. He criticizes you in public, cut you in the meeting very often when he should not, lets your staff bypass you etc.

There could be more, but above are brief description of 9 characteristics of the bosses that I would like to raise here (I hope you find that brief too :D) and that you should avoid if you look for a company with a healthy working culture. Apparently the company with this type of boss won’t last, or they cannot build a healthy organization.

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