All of us make decisions every day, regardless of small or big ones. An example of a small decision can be deciding what to cook tomorrow. An example of a big decision can be when you should quit your terrible job while you are in a desperate financial situation. Like it or not, we need to learn to make decisions since we cannot avoid them. Having said that, your inability to make decisions will make you keep bearing the same problems you are facing. Eventually, it will cause you more issues in the future, which could be mental problems, financial problems, family problems, and more. In this article, I would like to share with you a few tips to identify if you are too indecisive and how to get over it.

Firstly, let’s learn what the word “Indecisive” means. From various dictionaries, the definition of “Indecisive” is explained similarly. Some explain it means being unable to make a quick and effective decision. Some explain it means not being good at making decisions. However, I think both are similar. Here I am not talking about not being able to make a quick decision. Sometimes all of us need time to think before making a decision about something as well depending on the issue. Here I am talking about being too indecisive or inability to make decisions for yourself at all. Any word without “too” can be okay, but with “too”, it is surely not okay.

There are several factors that could make you become too indecisive. However, I have chosen only 3 to talk about in this article.

  • Obsessive perfectionism: you are too afraid of making mistakes or failure.
  • Not trusting yourself: you rely on others to make decisions for you because you always think they make better decisions than you do.
  • Living for other people’s approval: You care too much about what others think about you. You are too concerned that someone is gonna disapprove you if you say this to them or wear these clothes, for example.

The good news is you can get over it! Firstly, tell yourself that it is okay to fail or to make mistakes. We will always learn from our mistakes or failures. Apple, one of the world’s giant companies, still has to keep developing its operating systems to fix bugs or errors. If you do not know how you can break the glass, you would not know how to avoid breaking it. Secondly, trust yourself more. Others are also humans just like you. They have one brain, 2 arms, and 2 legs just like you do. What they might have more than you do is knowledge simply because they do more research or try more than you do, which enables them to be braver to decide things for themselves. If they can do so, why cannot you? Do more studies and read more. Then, give yourself a chance of learning to make decisions for yourself. Only you are the captain of your life. It is normal that you might possibly make the wrong decisions for the first time. The more you do it, the better you become. Lastly, don’t care much about what others think. I am not saying you do not have to care at all. I mean just do what you think is right after you have considered all the facts and data to decide to do so. Sometimes you just overthink. No one actually thinks or says anything about you at all.

I hope that you find my article helpful. I am not proving my opinions are 100% right or my techniques are 100% effective. I only share my personal experiences to help those who are in this situation to overcome it and become their better self.

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