Have you ever been in a situation which you desperately want to quit your job, but you cannot because you also need money to pay the bills and survive? If anyone used to experience this and would like to share your thoughts about it, please feel free to leave your comments below so that someone who needs this advice can learn from you too. In this article, I would like to share with you when it’s time for you to quit your terrible job, in case you are finding it hard to make a decision. It has been a hard decision for me too.

I know one person very well. He is my best friend. He told me his story when working at one place. I’d love to keep the company name and how they treated staff confidently for the sake of professionalism. He used to get a quite well-paid job. Actually, the job was not bad, but the people made him want to leave the job. When he first started to look for a job, he did not think there was anything else that he would need more than a well-paid job. He was so young back then. He was so excited when he entered the 1st chapter of my work life. After he has worked for several years and met different kinds of people, he realizes that there is something more than just a good job that he needs to look for before deciding to work for someone. It’s the people he will work with. I will tell you why he decided to leave that place despite how handsomely the company paid him. Prior to then, I’d like to stress that everyone is in the same situation. I am not convincing you to leave your job right now. Think about it wisely and know your patience limit.

Before he decided to leave there, he had been patient enough. He used to think whether he was a problem or they were. However, after many people kept leaving the company, and he saw how they treated them, he realized that he was not the problem. The boss there might be the best boss for someone, but not him of course. He had been patient and motivated himself to go to work until he reached these points.

  1. He cried every time he thought about the workplace: “I did not feel like going to work or seeing anyone at the workplace at all. When the clock hit 5pm, I was so excited. When it was weekends or holidays, I was so happy. When it was Monday and time to go back to work, I started to cry. I could say it is not so different from a baby who is so scared of something that they do not want to see or involve with.”, he said.
  2. He felt insecure at work: “I needed to keep myself clean by not making any mistake or even a small one because they would find fault with me all the time. I had to be careful with everything I do and anyone I talked to. Otherwise, they would use it to fine me.”, he said.
  3. He felt like he lost who he is: He said that he was absolutely depressed. He lost his enthusiasm and appetite. He did not feel like talking to anyone, including his family, and nor did he want to go out. He just wanted to stay alone. He also became angry easily. He realized that this was not him before. He had suffered from chronic stress, which was changing him to someone and gonna destroy his family and social life.

After a long consideration, he knew that his patience reached the limit, so he could not go on any longer. Otherwise, he would be dead alive. It was not easy to leave that place since he had been treated badly, but he managed to leave. I was glad he could leave that place.

If you are facing the 3 signs above, you might probably consider whether to stay or leave, but it will depend on your situation. However, your mental health is also important. To me, whenever I am in a hard situation or workplace, I always think about one quote about moving forward by Steve Jobs which is said:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.

Steve Jobs

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