Your job plays a major role of your life happiness. You spend time at work more than you do at home. You work for at least 8 hours a day, and sometimes you might have to bring work home so that you can finish it on time. Imagine what it would be like if you have a terrible boss or workplace environment? Just because you cannot work for one company, it does not mean that company is bad. Sometimes you cannot work there, but someone else probably can. Let’s describe it in this way- you and the company just do not fit each other. It really depends. For those who are similar to me in terms of being selective about workplace and employers, this article is for you. In this article, I would love to share with you, especially those who start looking for a job, a few tips for how to find a good company and employer, and make a better plan for your career.

Here are the 4 takeaways for today:

  • Your Take away#1: Find out if they really exist and who they are.
  • Your Take away#2: Figuring out the working environment.
  • Your Take away#3:Know who you’ll spend your time with.
  • Your Take away#4:Know your leader.
  • I want to start with a little bit of my journey. When I just graduated from university, I was very excited about getting a job. My family was not rich, so what I only could think of was I could get a well-paid job so that I could help them cover our bills and daily expenses. I could say I was quite naive and lacked experience back then because I never worked before, and nor could my parents give me advice on that due to their limited education. I did not consider other important factors besides a good salary and a decent job. A few years later when I became a bit more mature and gained little more experience, I realized that was wrong, and I should have realized earlier that salary was not the only thing that mattered. If I had known this earlier, I could make a better plan for my career life. My career life is not bad right now because those past experience has taught me to become wiser and to make better decisions. I have found a few main factors besides salary that job seekers should consider before deciding to apply to work for someone.

    • Company profile: the company you are going to work should be a professional one. What I meant by professional? The company should be locally or internationally recognized. Normally, a professional company should have a professional website, social media pages, and is known by their community. They are serious about what they say or share. On their website or social media should clearly describe their background, services, location, contact, teams etc. To make it simple for you, it is like how you present yourself to the employer for them to know who you are. Who is gonna employ you if they do not know who are? Your Take away#1: Find out if they really exist and who they are.

    • Working environment: To put it simply, it is like your home environment. What kind of home environment you like to live in. This part is hard. You cannot know someone until you have communicated with them for a particular time, for instance, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. Similarly, how can you know how the working environment there is like while you have not worked there yet? The good news is you can find out from your network. If your network does not know, you can also find out reviews about that company on Facebook, google etc by typing the company name +reviews in the search box. However, we cannot rely on the reviews 100% because who knows there are some haters who want to black color the company too, but if you see that lots of people have said the same about it, it might be worth considering. Your Take away#2: Figuring out the working environment.

    • People you work with: Sometimes a nice big house is not better than a cottage because of the people whom you live with. How can you live with someone who always throw rubbish to your brain every day? Here I refer to your prospective boss and colleagues. Again, you probably need help from your network again. Ask them if they know them and what their experience of working with them. Your Take away#3:Know who you’ll spend your time with.

    • The business owner: You attract who you are. What the business owner is like will attract people like him to his company and he will shape the working culture. Again, research about them through your network, on the internet or social media platforms. Your network is the best reference unless you do not have at all. Social media cannot be be 100% reliable, but it is better than no clues at all. Your Take away#4:Know your leader.

    Thank you for reading. I hope you find these tips helpful. I do not guarantee that they will be 100% effective to help you find the boss or the company you exactly want, but what I am sure is it will help you to make a better choice.