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To conquer anger with non-anger

It means we shouldn’t react to anger with anger. Remember fire doesn’t put out the fire, but the water does. Therefore, be water. When someone is mad at you or shout at you, simply don’t shout back at him or her. Firstly, let that person calm before you talk to him or her about the problem. By doing so, you can resolve the problem peacefully.

Conquer badness with goodness

You can’t change a heartless person by being heartless because that person has never seen what kindness is like. Show him or her your kindness. Gradually, they will be touched by your action and change their attitude toward you.

Conquer dishonesty with truth

The truth will always win. When you speak the truth, you don’t fear being caught and nor do you have to make up the evidences. You can sleep peacefully. Unlike the liar, he or she isn’t peaceful because he or she is worried all the time that he or she will be revealed.

For example, if someone accuses you of doing something which you don’t do, you don’t have to worry about being caught because the truth is you don’t do it. On the other hand, the one who accuses you has to tell lies to prove you wrong, thus, feeling worried all the time that someone else will know that he or she is lying. By the end of the day, lies are still lies. The truth is still the truth, and the lie can’t change what truely happens.


  • Be water when someone’s mad at you.
  • You can change the unkind only by your kindness.
  • Always be true and you fear nothing.

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