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Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do or where to start in your life? Have you ever felt that you don’t know what your life purpose is? Have you ever felt useless? If you have, let me tell you that you’re not alone.

I know that this is really frustrating. There are also other people around this world have been feeling so and haven’t found either their life purpose or what they really want to do in life no matter if they are rich or poor and employed or unemployed. The bad news is there is one solution to it. We are in different situations. The good news is as long as you still can wake up and breath the next day, you still have a hope. Every new day is your new opportunity to explore and find answers to your questions.

I have known a friend who is very bright and talented. She is currently having a very well-paid job, yet she is still unhappy with the job because she has found it’s not something she really enjoys. She has many talents, but she still has not been able to figure out what her niche is. If you ask her what she will do in the next four or five years and why, she will not be able to answer it. She has been struggling to find out a job or something to do, which will keep her staying motivated and excited every day when she wakes up to work. I believe that this happens to some of us too. I can say It’s really hard to have got something that we will do it because we have a reason. You don’t have to believe me yet, but you can start asking yourself why you are doing what you’re doing or asking your friends the same question.

Sometimes when you find it, you might be either excited or demotivated because you might not be very successful in doing it. However, keep your faith. I can take myself as an example. I like writing this kind of blog because I love to inspire and motivate others who are in hardship in their lives. I don’t have money to give them, so this is the only thing that I can give. I have found one of the things I love to do now, but to be honest, I feel little disappointed as it still reaches a few readers. However, I remember my goal which is to spread inspiring messages to people around the world. Even though no one is gonna read, I will keep writing it.

To find something that we are genuinely interested in is really hard. However, it is not impossible. So just keep looking by reading books or articles, watching inspirational YouTube videos, meeting people, going out and attending events or seminar, or attending online courses. I can’t guarantee when you will find it, but I am sure you’ll find it.

By the way, I would like to recommend a book I am reading to you, titled Find Your Why, written by Simon Sinek. You might have heard about him. He is well known for his inspiration. I have not only read his books, but also watched his videos on YouTube, and I find his sharing very helpful. I hope it will be helpful for you too.

Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team

  • There is no one way to find your purpose. Get out of bed, take a small step every day, and you’ll find it one day.
  • Once you find it, be ready and keep going.

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