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If your teams spend their days asking for your permission before executing, attending superfluous meetings, answering irrelevant messages every day, your leadership is questioned.

Processes should be designed to help organizations to improve work efficiency. When used correctly, processes should provide companies a standardize working system that keeps the business running smoothly and productively. On the other hand, if used wrongly, instead of making the business run smoothly, it will make jobs more complicated and cause your company a crisis.

In this article, I’m going to write about the type of daily report which is not a necessary daily work report like incident or attendance report, for instance. It is referred to an unnecessary daily work report like reporting about your today task completion and tomorrow tasks to do to your immediate supervisor. In other word, it’s called daily task report.

Scenario: You already got a green light from your boss initially for a project action plan. This action plan allows everyone to be on the same page about what they do and when they’re expected to get things done. In the action plan, it tells objectives, supporting action, deadlines, responsible persons, and status. Thus, what is the need for everyone to report about their daily tasks to get permission from their boss to execute daily tasks? It makes more sense to report on a weekly or monthly basis based on the job nature, doesn’t it?

Could you imagine yourself being a manager or in a higher position having to write a daily report to your boss about what tasks you have completed today and what you plan to do tomorrow?

Some employers or supervisors think they can have everything under their control by doing so. On the other hand, they don’t realize they are killing their employees emotionally and physically and their own business eventually. Here are reasons why this daily task report kills your employees and business:

Waste Your Company’s resources

To write a helpful daily task report is not a 5-minute thing unless your boss does not mind reading a sloppy report. This involves a few process, including preparing, writing and checking, which takes a minimum of 30 minutes. The more tasks you have, the longer it takes. As a boss, you might say it’s easy and can be done in a few minutes. I’d like to challenge you to try to put yourself in your subordinate’s shoes. Why wasting your employee’s time by reporting to you about what they complete today and what to do tomorrow while you all have already had the project action plan? Your employees could have used the time spent on writing that unnecessary report to do something else that is more important and necessary. Wasting your employee’s time equals wasting your company’s resources.

Drain your staff’s emotion and energy

As mentioned above, writing such a report is time consuming, but it’s not worth it. It not only makes your staff feel they are not trusted, but they will also feel exhausted because besides this report, they also have to do other tasks assigned by you. I have a friend who works in a place that every task is labeled “urgent” and every deadline is ASAP ,plus, having to write such a report daily. You can imagine how overwhelmed she feels. Eventually, she feels demotivated and starts to not care about the company. See how it affects your employees’ motivation and performance? It’s not a difficult job, but you shouldn’t waste their time and energy.

Kill Productivity

Exactly when are your employees supposed to find the time to innovate when you make them spend so much time reporting their daily tasks to you, and waiting for your approval before they can continue executing tomorrow tasks? You can’t expect them to complete all the tasks you assign to them on time while you have taken out some of their working time just for the sake of your report.

Build Fruad Culture

Some work progress can’t be seen in a day. Some staff might feel scared if they do not have anything to report to you. Therefore, they will try to think of what to write, and sometimes they might make up just to ensure they have a report for you. Ask yourself if you want this kind of thing to happen in your company? If it does, do you think you can have trusted employees and reliable reports?

In short, this kind of daily task report is terrible for your employees and company. You do not have to believe me now, but I’d like you to take time to reflect what you’re doing if you have been making your employees write this kind of report. Perhaps you can make some time checking with your employees how they feel about it and reflect overall work results whether it is really better or worse. It could be a good report, but you probably apply it in the wrong context and to the wrong persons.

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