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Recently I have watched motivational videos of a Cambodian monk named The Venerable Kou Sopheap who is very well-known for his sharing on mind education. He has impacted many Cambodian people’s lives through his motivational and educational lessons. I have liked to watch his video lessons on YouTube because those have really been helpful for my peaceful mind. Today I would like to share with you one of his lessons he taught about restlessness. I believe it will help those who are in this situation feel a lot better and be able to train their mind to be more positive.

Firstly, understand why you keep feeling restless

You feel restless because you keep holding onto worries, competition, jealousy, or anger. These are the negative thoughts that drain your energy. They will strongly impact your behaviors and moods. You might become short-tempered, lonely, or isolated, for instance. When it happens to you, It’s not you cannot let them go, but you just don’t let them go. Therefore, it dwells in you all day and night. If not removed quickly, your mind will be full of negativity, which can lead you to a more serious mental problem.

How to train your mind to be positive

Now you know that our mind is wired to those thoughts. Therefore, you need to train your mind to be more positive.

  1. Awareness: To achieve that is you need to be aware of your state of mind and activities. By being aware you recognize how you are feeling and know what to do to shift it to positive thinking. Here is how you can do it.
  • For example, you know you are feeling jealous of someone when you feel unhappy to know someone is more successful than you are. Once you realize this, talk to yourself, “Hey, right now you’re feeling jealous, which is not good for you, so let’s celebrate for that person’s success instead”.
  • Another example is you are too worried about what will happen tomorrow, so you recognize that you are overthinking. Thus, tell yourself that you are worrying unnecessarily, and things might not be as bad as you think. Instead of worrying, tell yourself to focus on today and do your best. What is going to happen will happen anyway. No matter what brings tomorrow, at least you have done your best today already.
  1. Acceptance: Accept that things do not always go right. Sometimes they go wrong. It’s natural. We all make mistakes, and mistakes are a part of our success. Therefore, when things fail, don’t keep blaming yourself or anyone. Holding onto anger or sorrow does not change what happened or improve anything. Just accept it, fix it and move forward.
  1. Learn to let it go: No matter how hard your day is, for example, you feel upset because you have been told off by your boss or criticized by someone badly, make sure you don’t feel angry or sad for not longer than a day. Make sure you always go to bed with a smile and peace. Don’t let any negative thought dwell in you for too long. It is like fire. The longer you hold it, the more you hurt yourself. Let it go.

To sum up, since negativity seems easier for us to fall into than positivity, especially when the odds are not in our favor, you have to be aware of this. To gain a peaceful mind, you will need to learn to control your thoughts, embrace the positive mindset, and learn to let it go. It is also very helpful for you to achieve that when you surround yourself with pleasant people, only read or watch motivating and positive sharing and ignore all negative stuff on social media. The more positivity in your life, the more prosperous your life becomes.