Strong people are not those who never fail or feel stressed. They do not have a stone heart, which doesn’t feel anything, and nor are they made special. They are the same human beings like we are. They undergo failure and stress just like we do. What make them different is their mindset. They are aware of what they should do and should not do. They do things that are beneficial for their well beings and success instead of focusing on things that distract them from their goals and inner peace. In short, mentally strong people are essentialists.

Following are the 7 things that mentally strong people don’t do by a psychotherapist, which all of us can also follow, according to the article released on back in Oct 27, 2020.

1. Worrying about what others think

They know themselves clearly. Therefore, they are confident and believe in what they do. They are not shaken by others’ praises or criticism. It does not mean they don’t listen to others or care about others’ feelings. It means they are sure before they decide to do things, and they know what kind of feedback they should take and ignore. This teaches us that we should know ourselves clearly and be clear about what we do, so we can live our life, not someone’s life.

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”
― Lao Tzu

2. Overthinking

Overthinking is very tempting because it’s negativity, and the negativity is more attractive. Strong people are aware that overthinking a problem that has not happened does no good, which will make things worse than they are supposed to be, and cause them depression. Therefore, they do not waste their time thinking about something which they don’t know whether it even exists; they focus on the present, and do their best instead, which is a better solution. Therefore, be in the present moment.

3. Blaming themselves

We all make mistakes, and mistakes are a part of our success. Think about when you learned to ride a bicycle, you had failed several times before you could ride. For this reason, when problems take place, strong people do not keep blaming themselves because that will only decrease their self esteem and distract them from moving forward. It does not help them solve the problems at all. Of course, they might feel upset or down because as it is a nature for humans to feel sad or happy when they face good or bad things. However, they don’t dwell in that situation for long. They are aware of this and find ways to fix the problems to move forward.

4. Getting stuck in a situation

Strong people are proactive when problems arise while weak people react. When you react, you lose hope, and easily give in. Because strong people know why they do what they do, they will find ways to make it work. To reach their goals, they have only choice – keep going. Thus, they have to say no to getting stuck. They will do whatever to remove blocks or obstacles on their way to success.

5. Becoming hopeless and helpless

Hopelessness and helplessness are negative feelings distracting you from succeeding, which are not in the strong people’s list. Strong people are aware of their feelings. When they know they start to feel so, they find ways to make themselves feel better by going out with friends, consulting with someone they are close about the problem, for instance. They focus on what they can do instead of what they can’t.

6. Complaining

Complaining is such as waste of time and a very addictive habit. When you first do it, you feel good because you feel like releasing stress. However, the more you do it, the more negativity you have attracted because you can never be happy or focused once you are very negative about someone. Therefore, strong people do not spend their precious time complaining about others or what they can’t have. They will spend time figuring out to fix the problem so that they can move on instead.

7. Crying over the spilled milk

Crying over the spilled milk means being upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed. What happened already happened. It can’t be undone. Therefore, there is no point in staying upset about what you can’t change. Strong people are aware of this. They fix the problems as much as they can and go on.

It can be summed up that mentally strong people have goals and focus on their goals. They are aware of their feelings, know how to manage their emotions and take proactive approaches when problems arise to help them move forward to reach their goals. Because they have these strong mindsets, they are happier and more successful. Strong people are not born strong, but they are built. If others can develop these strong mindsets, why can’t we?

From now on, let’s develop these healthy habits for your success and prosperity. It might be hard at first, but focus on your goals, and once you get used to them, you will be addicted to them just like you are addicted to negativity. What does not kill you makes you stronger! Deal?