Simon is the author of multiple best-selling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game. In his most recent video, he shared with us about a new better way of recruiting people. Having been an employee for over 10 years and experienced in many interviews, I personally totally agree with his suggested idea of recruiting the best people.

Old way of recruiting people

Firstly, he mentioned the current methods of recruiting people practiced by companies worldwide. In the interview process, the companies mainly focus on 3 things:

  • looking at the candidate’s performance for their past companies.
  • looking at their resume to see if they used to work for your competitors
  • seeing if the candidate has the skill set they need

By doing so, they could find great people who were great on papers and interviews. However, once they got the candidates, they found out it did not work between both of them, simply because they overlook one thing.

A new better way to recruit the right people

How do we make sure we hire the best people for a job? Get a sense of their character, not just their qualifications.

Simon Sinek

As the statement above suggests, a new better way to recruit the right people is the companies should also get a sense of character in addition to the current practice. He didn’t mention which is more important, but it can be evaluated that both are needed, and none can be skipped. He said getting to know the candidates more personally could help you recruit the right people. Here is how you can do it.

Create a comfortable conversation between you and the candidate

In reality, it’s still an interview. The interview should be a little bit more causal like a normal conversation to make the candidates feel comfortable. When someone is comfortable with you, they are willing to tell the truth. It doesn’t have to always be at the office and be only about the candidates’ qualifications and past experiences, but you can do that at a cafe and get to know more about the person by talking about their family, what they do in their private life, for example.

Then, you can start to ask yourself these questions: do you like that person, and can you see yourself trusting him or her? A great example he gave is the interview process is similar to dating a person. When you date someone, what are you looking at to determine whether that person is the right fit?

He said job requirements only help the companies a little bit know about that person, but to know more , they should describe their working culture to the candidates. It means telling them what it is exactly like to work there. This will let both the companies and the candidate know whether they both fit each other. Remember that in the interview, the candidates are selling themselves to the companies, and vice versa.

In short, be honest with the candidates, you will get the best candidate you want, so will the candidate find the best company they wish for. If you don’t tell them the truth now, they will find out some time later, which is a waste of your and their time.

Recruit with honesty, recruit to tell the people the kind of conditions they will be working in. Tell them the culture, not just the job requirements.

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